What we do

Registered at the Luxembourg Bar, Woud specialises in sophisticated capital raising and debt transactions. Our clients include major equity players, a variety of professionals of the financial sector and visionary entrepreneurs. We have a particular focus on real estate, energy, the space industry and Web3.

Woud was founded on the simple premise to provide exceptional legal advice at affordable pricing.


Our values


Sustainability a simple idea, but an important one. And it speaks to who we are.

This website is simple by choice: neat, clean, with thoughtful attention to colors and design. To reduce energy consumption when visiting us online, we do not make use of a lot of high-quality images and bright colors. By doing this, we can reduce the amount of data being sent to your device and energy used by your screen. It is just one part of our commitment to a smaller carbon footprint and a greener world.

Did you know?
A one-megabyte email (= 1 MB) emits 20g of CO2 during its total life cycle, i.e. the equivalent of an old 60 watt lamp lit for 24 min.
Source: www.energuide.be

Governance & Community

Our name, Woud, means “woods”.

We chose it because we relate to the idea of a being part of a dedicated team of professionals rich in diversity, intertwined and interdependent, none more important than the other.

At Woud we place our clients and their partners at the centre of what we do.


Our clients look to us to bring a high degree of quality, intensity and creativity to solve legal challenges, and dealmaking. As a result of our deep and broad experience, we regularly produce client alerts, publications, articles and other knowledge pieces to help inform our client’s business judgment. Below you will find a selection of free articles and insight.

Administrative dissolution without liquidation

On 28 October 2022, a new Luxembourg procedure to wind up empty shell companies swiftly has been introduced: administrative dissolution without liquidation. The new procedure will be available to the Luxembourg Prosecutor (Procureur d’État) and Luxembourg Business Register (“LBR”) as from 1 February 2023.

Luxembourg foreign investment control regime for aerospace and communication industry

Draft bill n°7885 submitted in Luxembourg Parliament in September 2021 and aiming to establish a foreign investment control regime in Luxembourg is expected to come into force in early 2023. The foreign investment control regime will apply to “foreign investors” acquiring “control” over “critical activities” in Luxembourg.

Why choose Woud?

Experienced, but creative. Intellectually rigorous. Superior value. Sensible advice.

For over a decade, WOUD has cultivated relationships and networking experiences that add value beyond exceptional legal advice.

Simply put, we are good at what we do.